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To Hillary Osborn and Doug Rugh—artists, business partners, and husband and wife owners of the Osborn and Rugh Gallery in Falmouth—it’s surprising how many people will go to great lengths to have beautifully designed homes—and then leave the walls bare of fine art. “Throughout history, art has been used to enrich our lives,” says Rugh. “A spot of color in a work of art can jazz up the whole piece, just like art on the walls of a home can make an entire room come alive.”

Choosing Art For Your Home

Homeowners who know what they want for art in their new home, but can’t find it in Osborn and Rugh’s immense collection of fine artwork, can commission the couple for customized artwork that will specifically fit the homeowner’s interior. “One of the advantages we have as an artist-run gallery is that clients can visit the gallery and talk directly with us,” says Rugh.

The couple also offer pro bono, art consultation services. Osborn and Rugh gladly share their combined 55-plus years of art world knowledge by visiting a home, bringing along paintings so the client can see how art can enliven a space. “It really helps to see work on the wall without all the other paintings in the gallery competing for attention,” says Rugh.

Sometimes even the smallest addition of a work of art can make all the difference to an already impeccable home. “A client of ours just stopped by the studio for a visit and told me that he and his wife have enjoyed collecting art over the years of their marriage, and he couldn’t have imagined how much pleasure these pieces would have given them throughout their life when they had first started,” says Osborn.

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