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For over 20 years Seaport Shutter Company, with locations in Brewster and Chatham, has been using the finest materials and age-old carpentry techniques to craft products that protect homes both on and off the water. Specializing in Architecturally CorrectTM Custom Shutters, Custom Mahogany Screen and Storm Doors, and the classic Adirondack chair as well as other wood products, Seaport Shutter Company combines quality and craftsmanship to provide clients with the best protection—and decoration—for their homes.

Sustainable Living by the Sea

After spending years working for Carpman Communications—a public relations firm in Boston—founder Peter Malone’s daughter, Lauren Huard, joined the family business in 2012. “Although I loved my public relations career working for a high-powered strategic communications firm, the opportunity to join my family’s growing business surfaced,” says Huard. “Since joining the company, I’ve become involved in all facets from sales to manufacturing to final product delivery.”

Seaport Shutter’s reputation for providing outstanding products as well as services has given the company an enormous customer base that even extends nationwide and beyond into Canada. Locally, Seaport Shutter provides measurement and installation services; for customers in locations that they do not travel to, they guide the customer through the measurement process, and can provide installation support for each homeowner’s local builder or carpenter.

In order to protect homes from harsh weather, Seaport Shutter uses lumber from sustainable sources. “All of our wood is premium kiln-dried material with low moisture content and we use traditional boat building techniques in the manufacture of our products,” says Huard. Waterfront homeowners should consider Seaport’s operational shutters, which can be closed to fend off inclement weather, and their screen doors that are available with tempered storm glass panels, which provide weather-tight protection year round, when outfitting the home.

Seaport’s products are made using only the finest materials that can stand up to elements—including mahogany, western red cedar, stainless steel fasteners, marine glues, and oil-based primers, followed by acrylic latex finishing, or oil finishing. “Moisture in the lumber kills any paint job as the moisture tries to find a way to escape. We finish all of our products with five coats of paint, and, because our lumber has very little moisture to begin with, our products perform extremely well in the harshest weather conditions,” explains Huard.

Huard notes that homeowners should leave the installation of Seaport products to experienced professionals. “Protection of the home starts with correctly sized products. A proper installation of shutters and doors allows the products to do their job against the elements while maintaining decorative charm,” says Huard.

It is recommended that seasonal homeowners on the Cape and Islands install their winter glass panels, check weather stripping to make sure it is still intact, lock storm doors to prevent wind damage, and be sure that shutters, whether decorative or operational, are secured by proper hardware to remain securely in place. In case of damage or any other unfortunate circumstances, Seaport offers extensive warranties, including five years on construction, one year on finishing, and one year on installations so any adjustments needed in that first year are covered.

There is a certain peace of mind that comes from knowing that a home is protected from Mother Nature’s capricious seaside weather with Seaport Shutter doors and shutters. On a perfect Cape or Islands day there is nothing like sitting in a Seaport Shutter Classic Adirondack chair, catching the summer breeze.

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