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For over 30 years M. Duffany Builders, Inc. in Falmouth has been Cape Codders’ one-stop destination for all construction-related needs. From footings to weather vanes and everything in between, homeowners can rest assured that Duffany Builders can handle their building needs.

Sustainable Living by the Sea

Building restrictions can be rigid on Cape Cod—especially by the water—and it takes an experienced team to help homeowners navigate these restrictions from the start. As of 2014, new regulations will be adopted in accordance with recently published FEMA maps that will determine new flood zone designations. “Generally speaking, it’s more restrictive across the board,” says Mike Duffany, owner of M. Duffany Builders, of the new maps. “For somebody buying a waterfront lot, I would look at the lot and see how those regulations are going to impact their decision to purchase.”

For those already situated on their property, Duffany Builders offers complete year-round services ranging from from plowing the driveway to watching the home while owners are away. “We check the homes once a week and after any significant event—such as a nor’easter, blizzard, heavy snow storm—even if we were just at the house the day before,” says Duffany. This can be especially crucial for homes that are subject to harsh conditions on the water, such as wind-driven rain, snow, and corrosion.

M. Duffany Builders can enhance the joys of waterfront living—the infinite colors of sunrise and sunset, Mother Nature’s awe-inspiring force during a storm, the serenity of lapping waves. On the water, every day is a new experience, and M. Duffany Builders helps ensure each homeowners day is a pleasant one.

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