“She’s very organized and detail-oriented,” West says. “And we both have good design concepts and vision. We really work well together.” “Our clients are really getting two services for the price of one,” Bedard adds. “It’s really fun to work with all kinds of people and build fabulous things for all budget levels.”

A Seamless Connection

A significant demonstration of how Bedard’s imagination merged with West’s ingenuity was the creative process the pair employed to cover steel beams installed in the center of the home, replacing a load-bearing wall.

A Seamless Connection

“Lynda shopped around and found a 400-year-old log,” West says. She handed it off to him and he cut and hollowed it out to cover the steel beams. The rustic wood accents enhanced the nature-inspired ambiance of the living room. “It worked well with the concept that Lynda was looking for,” West says.

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