A Seamless Connection

Although Bedard served as the principle designer on the job site, West was not shy about suggesting changes or adding certain elements he thought necessary. Bedard says that when the pair was working on the recreation room on the second floor, West proposed adding a sliding glass door with a Juliet balcony, to fully bring the vistas of the marsh and ocean inside. “He suggested using a glass railing rather than a standard wooden railing so that nothing would obstruct the views,” Bedard says.

One of the final touches on the project was cutting and piecing together an outline of Cape Cod that would be placed on the gable above the home’s front door, a design element West had crafted for another home. “I am trying to incorporate comparable designs in all of my projects,” West says.

A Seamless Connection

Initially, Bedard intended to renovate the existing home on the two-acre property. But as work progressed and her vision changed, so did the scope of the project. “We hired a structural engineer, and Jared and I ended up collaborating on the design, making structural changes as we went along,” Bedard says. “By the time we were done, there were only about four pieces of plywood left from the original house in the new house.”

Bedard says one of her goals for this house was to ensure very little space was unused, or wasted. To that end, West and his team of subcontractors constructed a custom-made built-in bookcase in Bedard’s partner Maureen McCarthy’s office in the house. The unit contains a Murphy bed, thus creating a space that can double as a spare bedroom. A small bathroom tucked away in a corner just outside the recreation room epitomizes the philosophy of using every bit of space. Faced with a slanted doorway leading into the small half-bathroom, Bedard says West’s skills were pivotal when it came to cutting the door to fit the opening.

Bedard’s contribution to this project was not limited to structural design elements; she also contributed to the home’s elegant interior design. With a décor that is a creative mix of traditional and rustic, Bedard manages to intermingle these two styles, creating an ambiance that flows, without disruption, from one room to the next.

A Seamless Connection

With views overlooking Cummaquid’s tidal marsh on Cape Cod Bay, Bedard was careful to select colors for both the exterior and interior of the home, opting for seaside hues such as sand-colored tans and beiges, greens mirroring the grass in the marshland, and grays and blues reflecting the ocean and the sky.

“When people pull up to the house,” Bedard says, “I want them to look right through the house and beyond it. The marsh and ocean really are like pieces of art.” To achieve just the right tones of taupe and tan inside the home, Bedard mixed her own paint colors, adding an antique white paint to a basic brown. “Each room really is a variation of the same color,” she says.

A Seamless Connection

Natural materials also influenced Bedard’s choice of countertops, fireplace surrounds, and other hard surfaces. She selected a wine-colored bluestone, typically used for outdoor patios, for the countertop in the master bathroom as well as the tub. Again, West’s skills as a talented finish carpenter played an integral role in designing the shape of the tub.

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