“We tried to use the space as best we could, so we used a curved design on the tub,” West says. “I laid out all of the angles for the tub and the stone surround, and created a template made out of plywood.” Continuing with the theme of bringing the outdoors in, Bedard used natural rocks for the master bathroom’s cabinet doorknobs.

A Seamless Connection

Bedard notes that one of the challenges building a house of this size­—with ceilings that vary in height from nine feet to 12 feet—was trying to include elements that give the house a warm and cozy ambiance.

A Seamless Connection

“I chose a character-grade walnut—where all of the knots are left inside the wood—which contributes to a more rustic appearance for the floors,” Bedard explains. “I also brought in elements of darker wood in other areas to warm up the house.” The designer also notes that she chose a v-groove ceiling to evoke a cottage-like atmosphere in the home.

Bedard repeated the color of the dark wood floors on the ceiling by adding beams, a decision that tested West’s skills as a carpenter. In the hallway just outside the master bedroom, the ceiling features multiple angles; precision and planning were a crucial part of cutting and fitting the beams. “It was intricate and delicate work,” West says. “There were a lot of complex angles and definitely a lot of details to work out.”

While hiring a contractor for a project like this one can be a daunting task—and perhaps a bit of a risk—Bedard says it was really West who took the risk when he agreed to take on the project. She says one of the criteria she was looking for in a general contractor was a willingness to allow her to work alongside, so she could be tutored and mentored in the trade. “This was definitely a first for me,” says West. “She really just wanted to learn and that was absolutely fine with me.”

A Seamless Connection

Bedard admits there were some days when she served as ‘the gopher’, but says throughout a majority of the project she worked alongside the entire team, including subcontractors. “Jared let me do everything from carrying beams, to working on the roof,” Bedard says. “I took part in every aspect of the project,” she adds, noting that she could not have asked for a better contractor or a better teacher.

“Jared was the perfect person for this project and for what I wanted to do,” she says. “We worked so well together; the project was seamless.” West was equally impressed with Bedard’s sense of design and style. “This is one of the most unique homes that I have done on the Cape,” he says.

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