Living and working with integrity has always been an important aspect of Anne and Joe’s lives, as has an almost dogged determination to pursue what they love. They are not wealthy by traditional measures but through their various pursuits of creating, collecting, and farming, they’ve been able to provide for themselves, raise their three boys—Joe, Jamie, and Sam—share their treasures with others, and in the end, live the life they want. Some might argue that is the ultimate luxury.

Antiques, Buckles, Asparagus

The couple’s work, as Anne explains in her straightforward way, is really just an extension of the life they have shared together and is more about the simple pleasures of living. “I just collect things that please me,” she says. “I think people should surround themselves with things that please them. It makes people happier. It gives them a home.” After a pause, she adds with a smile: “And it doesn’t matter if anyone else approves of it or not. . . except maybe one’s spouse.”

Antiques, Buckles, Asparagus Antiques, Buckles, Asparagus
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Amanda Wastrom is a frequent contributor to Cape Cod Life Publications.

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