Family Fun-ctional

A resourceful Osterville homeowner helps an architect and a builder design her multi-generational kitchen.

Imagine a new kitchen that is comfortable, spacious, and user-friendly for adults. Now, picture that same room as a safe, warm, and fun space for eight frequent, energetic visitors—who all happen to be grandchildren.

For Cape Cod builder Scott Peacock and architect Doreve Nicholaeff, much of the inspiration for this large kitchen renovation in a historic Osterville residence came from a great resource: their client, who had an unusually youthful and out-of-the-box imagination.

Family Functional

Prior to the project, the homeowner—a creative and quirky grandmother and former business owner—would often stand in the rear doorway of her home, look out across the yard, and envision what she wanted for the kitchen that would one day occupy that space. She dreamed of Dutch doors leading from a connected kitchen/dining room to a cozy new covered porch outside. She imagined a back-to-back fireplace, providing both the kitchen and a porch with warmth and ambiance. She wanted a unique kitchen island, too, with a sleek sink in the center.

Family Functional

She had other touches in mind as well: from egg-shaped dimples cut into the countertop by the stove, to a knife rack that would recess into the counter so its contents would be both accessible and safely out of a child’s reach. There would be a farmer’s sink, too, and shelves for all sorts of family knickknacks, and the room would be painted yellow and bathed in light from lots of windows.

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Matthew Gill

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