Mark Lane – Bayside Kitchen & Bath

In business since 1996, Mark Lane of Bayside Kitchen and Bath has learned one thing when it comes to homeowners and their kitchens: the relationship is personal. “People save up for a long time to do a renovation and they want it done right,” Lane says. “And people that come to us get it done right.”

Based on Main Street in Falmouth, Bayside specializes in remodeling existing kitchens and bathrooms. The company takes on projects large and small, ranging from full remodels, to a nook or bathroom vanity.

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Lane says his clients typically choose their dream appliances and fixtures at a store, and it’s his job to put everything in its place within the new kitchen space. “We organize it to make the kitchen work for the homeowner,” he says. “The goal is to make the room work better.”
Many of the kitchen projects he works on start from the original builder’s design—often plain and boxy. Lane works within this space, or if need-be expands it, to create a kitchen that’s more user-friendly. “For example, we place and design cabinets for function,” he says, “so your pots and pans are next to your stove; so your dishwasher is near your trash unit.” Roll-out trays, tray cabinets, and silverware dividers are added to help organize the space.

These accessories are helpful, Lane says. “They keep people off their hands and knees, trying to find what’s on the bottom shelf.”

Lane says he enjoys the creative aspect of his job. “Every customer is new and different. Every jobsite is new with its own set of challenges. Most customers are excited about the change that’s going to take place in their house. It’s an instant-gratification kind of a job.”

Michael A. Duffany – Michael A. Duffany Builders

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In three decades of business on Cape Cod, Michael A. Duffany Builders has established a reputation as a custom homebuilder offering expert craftsmanship and superior customer service. Owner Mike Duffany says the Falmouth-based company specializes in large, complex renovations and additions, as well as new home construction. Their target clients, Mike says, are simply “those looking for quality workmanship and long-term relationships with their builder/property management team.”

In the past year, the company has completed a number of kitchens, and Mike discussed some of the trends he has observed. “Several customers have expanded the kitchen to the dining area or living area for a more open feeling,” he says.  The goal of the projects was to enlarge the kitchen to create a more seamless flow between the kitchen/dining room and the deck, or to a living space outside.

Customers have also been asking for different products and materials. “We are seeing more radiant heat being used,” Mike says. “It’s a pretty good alternative for heating the kitchen.” The hardware can be fitted under pretty much any tile, and some hardwoods, to spread heat throughout the room. In recent years, Mike says lots of homeowners have been adding many cabinets to their kitchens, so much so that there’s often not enough wall space for a heater. Radiant heating, he says, offers a good alternative.

Mike says his clients have also been installing wood floors in the kitchen, such as antique yellow pine or wider-than-standard oak, and they are choosing refrigerators with double doors on top and the freezer below. “People are really exploring what’s out there,” he says. “It’s always a blend of functionality, cost, and bells and whistles.”

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