Jim Hagerty – REEF Cape Cod’s Home Builder

Earlier this summer, the staff of REEF Cape Cod’s Home Builder completed what’s rather typical for the company: a kitchen project completely customized to the individual client’s home, needs, and dreams. The kitchen in this Dennis residence shares space with the living room; there is a walk-in pantry, an island with a marble countertop, and a gas fireplace nearby. An expansive “wall of windows” opens out over the deck, which overlooks—in dramatic fashion—Cape Cod Bay. “You stand at the kitchen sink and it’s like you’re on the ocean,” says Jim Hagerty, REEF’s lead designer and vice-president. “It’s amazing.”

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In the last 30 years, REEF has constructed more than 1,500 homes on Cape Cod—and tackled hundreds of kitchen projects. “Every home is different, and every customer has their unique set of goals and desires,” Hagerty says. “Designing to those requirements, and exceeding their expectations, is really the most fun part of my job.”

Hagerty says buzzwords he’s hearing from customers today about kitchen design include: “sensible,” “exciting,” and—so the kitchen can be used as a multi-purpose space—“open.” “Many of our customers entertain frequently,” he says, “and since the party often ends up in the kitchen, making lots of people comfortable is essential.” Popular materials and trends today include granite and quartz countertops, commercial grade appliances, and moving the microwave off the countertop, or above the range.

What’s the best part of this designer’s job? “It’s truly a pleasure,” Hagerty says, “when our customers reach out to us after they’ve enjoyed their new home, and they just can’t get over the way their newly designed and built kitchen has enhanced their Cape Cod lifestyle, and the enjoyment of their home, family, and friends.”

Fred Felder – Simon’s Supply Co., Inc.

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When it comes to home renovation, Fred Felder, vice-president of Simon’s Supply Co., Inc., says it’s the simple things that are often the most important. “There are some basics that aren’t necessarily new that clients don’t always think of that can make their room special to them.” Case in point; the shower. “When you start your day with a great shower,” Felder says, “you are more likely to have a great day.” He adds that consumers today have many options when choosing a shower, but those who elect to install tile may overlook the fact that a quality acrylic shower base can include a comfortable, built-in seat. Acrylic showers, he adds, are easier to clean than tile and cozier on the feet.

In business since 1933, Simon’s Supply of Yarmouth, Plymouth, and Fall River, sells plumbing, heating, and cooling supplies. Though the company offers sinks, faucets, and fixtures—and all the accompanying plumbing materials used in kitchens —they do consider themselves “bath specialists.” The company’s showrooms feature various bath and shower options, as well as showerheads, toilets, fixtures, and lighting. There are many choices for added comfort as well, including steam showers, special lighting intended to enhance one’s mood, and built-in sound systems that can play the music from your IPod or other device.

With so many options, how does Simon’s Supply help customers choose what’s right for their home? “By asking the right questions to find out just what will make the client happy,” Felder says, “and then showing them what they imagined, and seeing their eyes light up when you find just the right item they were looking for. That’s a great feeling.  And when it all comes together and they get the bath of their dreams and you know you were part of it, well, then, we all just feel great, right?”

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