Longfellow Design Build

With a new showroom on Main Street in Falmouth, Longfellow Design Build takes the guesswork out of new kitchen and bath remodeling projects. The company’s team of designers, along with software that produces three-dimensional renderings of how a project may look once completed, allows the staff at Longfellow to assist customers in every phase of the selection process—from the floor to the ceiling and everywhere in between. “We offer one-stop shopping,” says Mark Bogosian, owner of the company. “We provide assistance with everything from the initial design to the final coat of paint on the walls.”

Longfellow carries three cabinetry lines, each featuring an array of colors, and finishes, and price points. Gene Williams, the company’s showroom manager, explains that making choices on cabinets as well as tile, countertops, flooring, lighting, and wall colors, can be overwhelming for the average homeowner. Williams points out that these components often have the most visual impact on a project. Longfellow’s designers help customers make these choices, ensuring the finished product in each home is one that reflects the homeowner’s personal style.

Longfellow Design Build

Williams notes that this process may not even be the most important regarding the building of a new kitchen, or a renovation. “It is all,” he says, “about the layout.” Every kitchen, Williams says, should feature ‘a working triangle.’ “There should be a triangle between the sink, oven, and refrigerator,” he says. “In terms of placement, we know what is important. It’s all about the functionality of the kitchen.”

Bathroom projects can also be challenging, Williams says. “Bathrooms are the most unique room in the house to design,” he says. “There are so many different things to consider, such as whether the homeowner prefers cabinets rather than drawers for storage.”

With an endless variety of cabinetry, tile, and flooring options—as well as other features—Longfellow Design Build provides a complete package for any kitchen and bath project.

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