Seaport Shutter Company

Nothing provides the finishing touch to a home’s exterior like custom-designed and crafted  shutters. When it comes to manufacturing and installing this important decorative item, Brewster’s Seaport Shutter Company is a leader.

Founded in 1992, Seaport custom-makes and installs wooden shutters using quality materials meant to withstand Cape Cod’s environment. “We manufacture our shutters using high-end, kiln-dried red cedar, with a low-moisture content—less than four percent. Then we apply five coats of paint to the shutters,” says Lauren Huard, the company’s sales director. She says the combination of the quality wood along with multiple coats of paint, results in a long shutter lifespan—even on homes by the water.

Seaport Shutter Company

Huard, who works at the company alongside her parents, says Seaport Shutter is a bit different from its competitors because the shutters, whether for the exterior or the interior of the home, are tailor-made for each customer. “We also continue to service the customers even after installation,” she says.

The company offers several different shutter styles. “We are known for our flat panel style with a custom cut-out, or applique, that can be made in a variety of designs. This offers our customers the opportunity to add character to their shutters,” Huard says.

Like the exterior shutters, Seaport also custom-makes interior shutters, coming into the home to measure, install, and service the units. “The interior shutters are manufactured from a furniture-grade hardwood and receive five coats of oil-based paint that can be customized to match any color,” Huard says.

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