April 2012

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The April issue features Through the Looking Glass – After carving out a new life, Robin Pierson finds a successful niche in decorative art, The Seven Year Switch - understanding the changing shape of our fragile coastal landscape, and Fabulous Foliage and Flower Power. These are just a few of the stories covered in the Cape Cod Life April edition…

Cape Cod LIFE - April 2012


Fabulous Foliage & Flower Power

When Cape Cod residents first plant their landscapes, many choose evergreen trees and shrubs believing that having foliage all year round is of prime importance. At some point, however, the realization sets in that their… continue reading »

Splendid Specimens

Native trees like pitch pine and scrub oak are well recognized on Cape Cod and the Islands as hallmarks of our coastal landscape, providing a line of defense against the punishing winds and insatiable tides… continue reading »


Where Shells Bloom

The spring season has a subtle presence on Cape Cod. Surrounded by cool waters, the land warms up at a glacial pace. While inland friends begin to talk about picnics, baseball games, and sunbathing, we are… continue reading »

Dave Gallo

Dave Gallo wasn’t ordained to become a scientist. And yet youthful explorations of Lake Owasco led to a lifelong interest in the oceans, eventually bringing him face-to-face with the most storied maritime wreckage in modern history. With the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster occurring this month, Cape Cod Life spoke with Gallo about the virtues of a career spent looking beneath the surface.

Reap What You Sow

Starting your own vegetables from seed is time consuming—but worth the work—for Cape Cod gardens.

Mystery Island

Do you know the name of this island? Click here to guess the name of this island Lying 14 miles off of the mainland and measuring roughly two and a half miles long and three-quarters… continue reading »