August 2013

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Cape Cod LIFE - August 2013



Taste of Life

When you live by the salt water, it’s almost a given that you learn how to cook some kind of seafood. Growing up beside Mount Hope Bay until the age of 10, I was too… continue reading »

Through the Seasons

AT DUSK ON the Chatham Fish Pier, you can watch the day end with an array of yellows, reds, and oranges streaking across the sky, reflecting on the glimmering waters of Aunt Lydia’s Cove. You… continue reading »

Provincetown Muse

Sculptor Danielle Mailer’s visual vocabulary is inspired by cherished Cape Cod memories.

Hidden Gem

Hidden Hollow at Heritage Museums and Gardens helps children step away from day-to-day distractions and reconnect with the world outside.

Local Flavor

At times, it seems as if our food comes from a far-off place, finding its way onto our dinner plates from parts unknown. But it turns out there’s plenty being harvested right in our salt-sprayed… continue reading »

Slice of Heaven

Five local bakeries share recipes for delicious fruit pies - the perfect ending to a wonderful meal, all summer long

The Fruits of Our Labor

There are few things more rewarding than growing fruit. Like so many of the good things in life, it’s a delayed gratification thing. We planted our first trees the year I moved in. A friend… continue reading »