Since 2004, when Boston-based Eliot Fisk started touring internationally with my guitars, the demand for my instruments has skyrocketed. Now I get many orders from all over the globe, especially Italy, Germany, and Spain. Also, Angel Romero, who is from a legendary family of guitarists, has helped elevate my reputation and led to many orders from California. This is a word-of-mouth business. It’s all about developing a good reputation, but having several famous clients has helped dramatically.

“Cape Cod has been a fantastic place to pursue my art and to build a strong successful business. The access to Boston and New York, where many teachers and performers are based, is very good. Clients enjoy visiting my workshop on the Cape and I encourage them to make a stay of it. There are so many talented artists on the Cape who have learned to make it work here. It is important to work in a place where I feel inspired to do my best work and have a beautiful lifestyle. My previous workshop was in Boston where my view was of the Prudential building. Now I look out my window at a water view.

Andrew K. Howard “I am one of the pioneers of a radical guitar innovation that will, most likely, become common in the future. I place a hole in the side of the guitar facing the player, which dramatically changes the experience for the guitarist. I have been working with this design and refining it for over a decade. Also, I am constantly exploring new bracing pattern designs that allow my guitars to have a stronger treble response than traditional designs, and a colorful sound that keeps the musician addicted to playing the instrument.

There is a spiritual, mystical element to creating instruments. If you allow art to take over, to become an obsession, your intuition becomes your guide and does much of the work for you. At this moment, one of my creations is singing out there … It is an amazing feeling. Each instrument is different. Each has a unique soul. The voice of the guitar changes as it is played.

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