TGR has made 28 feature-length action sports films to date. “I had no idea we’d get this far,” admits Steve. They’ve come a long way from hiking around while weighed down with bulky equipment. “A hundred feet of film is only three minutes of footage. You’re working out of a backpack, it’s snowing, the wind’s blowing,” Steve remembers. While they still use film—“the feel of film is just so magical,” says Steve—they’ve started shooting primarily in digital and incorporating high-definition cinematography. “With the Red One [digital camera], you can be corkscrewing around the rider from a helicopter and getting IMAX-quality images,” Steve continues. They’ve even begun experimenting with 3-D filming.

Teton Gravity Research This year they’ll release separate ski and snowboard films. “We’ve been talking to Jeremy about doing an all-snowboard film for about seven or eight years,” Steve says. “It was finally time.” The result is this year’s snowboard feature, Deeper, a film celebrating the lifestyle of big mountain riding. Miles from the nearest paved road, the crew hikes deep into the back country, camps in snow caves, and tears down slopes so steep that just watching gives you vertigo. Alongside Light The Wick—TGR’s 3-D and HD ski film depicting riders on unknown Alaskan and Croatian slopes—Deeper launched this year’s TGR fall tour. Abiding tradition, the film premiered right at the base of Jackson Hole, then the crew took the show on the road. This year, they will screen the films at more than 200 venues from San Francisco to Moscow. The films are successful not because they make millions of dollars—they don’t—but rather because of the deep chord they strike with audiences.

Beyond the extreme sports action, TGR films celebrate a lifestyle. In the interstitial segments of the films—a moose sniffs at a backyard beer keg, surfers strum guitars around a Baja bonfire, beater trucks crash through snow banks—are shared glimpses of a vision, one that rings true with snow sliders the world over. For skiers from weekend road trippers to the 100-day-a-year hardcore, Teton Gravity Research captures the zeitgeist.

Light The Wick premier
House of Blues, Boston
Jeremy Jones Deeper premier
Simon IMAX Theater at the Boston Aquarium
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Rob Conery is a freelance writer and a frequent contributor to Cape Cod Life Publications.

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