Gripping Gunning

Life December 2010 Cape Cod native Sally Gunning’s latest work of historical fiction, The Rebellion of Jane Clark, is a gripping fireside read. The story begins in Satucket, today known as Brewster. Jane Clark, the daughter of a hot-tempered tanner, finds herself unwillingly betrothed to Phinneas Paine. Upon her refusal to marry, Jane’s father exiles her to Boston. There, Jane meets some of the American Revolution’s key figures as tensions between the patriots and loyalists reach a boiling point. After witnessing the Boston Massacre, Jane must make the most difficult decision of her life. Gunning’s elegant writing coupled with her mastery of colonial dialogue paints a riveting picture of pre-Revolutionary Cape Cod and Boston. Visit to read an excerpt and take a virtual tour of Satucket!


Chrissy is the Creative Director for Cape Cod LIFE magazine and a contributor to Cape Cod Life's social media.

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