Sole Food

Stacey Hedman
My initial reaction upon being offered the assignment of writing a story on Cape Cod winter walks was a mortified and stupefied, “Me?”

I’ve never been much of a walker, unless the journey included 18 holes featuring fairways, bunkers, and greens. When I did walk, I just about ran, as though the undertaking were something to endure-—think root canal surgery-—rather than to savor like a vintage wine. But exploring wonderful Cape Cod winter walks seemed like a fine idea, combining exercise, fresh air, and an opportunity for reflective isolation that is usually unavailable in these parts during peak summer season.

So I decided to channel my inner Henry David Thoreau, lace up my boots and become one with nature. And—surprise, surprise!—I loved it. Walking was peaceful, appealing, and invigorating. My pace slowed as I absorbed the tranquil surroundings, admired the birds in flight, attempted to identify the many varieties of flowers, trees, and vegetation, and marveled at the landscape.

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Rob Duca is a freelance writer living in Plymouth.

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