The Horse-Mad Hatter of Harwich

Michael McLaughlin & Tom Steinmann When you step into Sally Faith Steinmann’s studio, you know instantly that an artist is at work. Poster decorated walls, depicting everything from landscape paintings to Bob Dylan, lead you through a second-story Harwich apartment. The entire studio is shelved with stacks of multi-colored fabric. Amidst the organized chaos are . . . hats. Hats, glorious hats, in all shapes, styles, and sizes.

From the corner, Billie Holiday’s voice crackles out of a stereo. Sunshine flows in. Sally fits in perfectly with the room, which seems to reverberate with creative energy. The artist behind Maggie Mae Designs Custom Millinery®, Sally has long had a passion for the rare art of hat making. “I have found my inspiration over a lifetime,” she says. As a child, she fashioned tiny hats for her stuffed animals. After graduating from Wellesley College with degrees in women’s studies and psychology, Sally yearned for creative inspiration. That year, on a whim her mother presented her with a large yarn hat that she shrank in the washing machine with the idea of creating a smaller felt hat. Sally was intrigued, thinking, “This is a hat that needs something to make it sparkle, something to make it special.” She did just that, made a few more, and in 1998, began to sell designs to Chatham’s The Artful Hand Gallery. When she saw how popular the hats were, she realized that she had found her calling.

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