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I had spent four years in the Air Force. I was stationed in Germany, but I was there less than any place else in Europe. I had a roommate that was using the base’s dark room and going out and shooting black-and-white film and processing it. One day I was out with him and took some pictures with his camera—I still have a copy of the first photo I had ever taken with that type of equipment.

We were on a road between the base and Bitburg, a small town, and I was on the side of a mountain looking down at this place, a quintessential German village down in a valley. Later on that day, we got back and went into the dark room and processed the film, took the negatives, put them in an enlarger and went through the whole process. The first time you’re in a dark room and you see that image come out on a white sheet of paper, it’s pretty amazing. From that point on, I was hooked.

I spent 30 years as a commercial advertising photographer. My photography career literally took me around the world. I’ve been many places, and I was always glad to come back to Cape Cod. There’s something about the Cape that’s so different than a lot of places that I thought of with some intrigue, places like Florida, the Carolinas, the Caribbean. You get there and they’re nice places to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there. I was always glad to come back to Cape Cod.

My wife, Susan, and I moved here full-time in 2003. I was transitioning from my business in Worcester to my current business as executive director. Those were great years because I’d work hard all week, and just the thought of getting in my car and driving to the Cape for a weekend or trying to extend my weekend by coming on Friday and staying until Monday—it was just a wonderful thing. The frame of mind when you drove over the Bourne Bridge—gosh, it was just a weight off my shoulders. A real relief.

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Main Street, South Yarmouth, Mass

Main Street, South Yarmouth, Mass