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Some people are returning to homes that have been in the family for generations, some are just renting a spot on the Cape and choose Woods Hole for a variety of reasons. There’s life—when there’s people moving and coming and going, there’s life.

I think each village has its own character. There are things that I think are common to the Cape: beautiful natural terrain, the water, and that the folks who live in these communities are bound in one way or another to the land and the ocean that they’re near. It’s like petals on a flower.

There are a whole bunch of small beaches throughout Falmouth. Here, there’s also the Woods Hole Science Aquarium, which is free and open to the public. If you’re at all interested in marine science in any shape or form, it’s an international hub of this sort of research. There are a lot of nooks and crannies, too—just take a walk around the village. There are a lot of beautiful gardens here and there, some cool galleries. There’s definitely a thriving community for performing arts and visual arts here.

What I’ve been told is that my house was originally built on Naushon Island in about 1725 or so, and then it was barged over the ice with oxen in the 1850s and put where it is now on Crow Hill. It’s a small, typical Cape-style house. But for me the location is critical because the shop is so small. My office is my living room.

When I’m not baking, I try to help one of my buddies who’s a commercial fisherman. It’s nice to take off the owner’s hat and be a guy who cuts bait in a pair of oil skins and takes orders from somebody.

You’re sort of tied to the weather and the coastal environment. On a hot, humid day, your bread rises really quickly and sometimes the fish aren’t so plentiful. On cooler, quiet days when it’s not really busy at the bakery, it’s a nice day to be out on the water.

I freshwater fished in Western Massachusetts. On the schooners, we threw a hand line over all the time and caught mahi and tuna and ono. It wasn’t until I came to Woods Hole that I got really into rod and reel work. The first time I ever pulled a striped bass out of the water I was like, “Oh my god.” That was right here in Woods Hole, a 25-pound striper. I haven’t freshwater fished since. That killed it for me.

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