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Joanne: In the store, you can actually hear when the day is about to reach its peak. You hear the murmuring of voices start to build and build, and it builds until it’s a fever pitch.
Janet: Our mother often says she wishes she had the sounds of the candy room tape-recorded because they’re sounds that she loves so much. And you’ll hear the same things but different people are saying it—“Your limit’s two dollars,” or “That’s full of sugar,” or “Put that down.”

Joanne: When my dad retired 24 years ago, I took over managing the store. Later, it just got to the point where it was more than I could handle. Janet came on board about four or five years ago. And my mother’s still here in the summer time, working 80 hours a week on occasion. That’s not an exaggeration. Right now, my mother, Janet, and I all work at the store. My daughter on occasion, too—all seven grandchildren have worked here at one point or another.

Joanne: The town of Barnstable is the hub of the Cape—Hyannis is right in the middle of things. And each surrounding village has its own charm. Centerville has such beautiful sea captains’ homes, Craigville Beach, Wequaquet Lake. It’s such a wonderful place.

Janet: And with Hyannisport close by, in the summer, I can only imagine how many times a day we get asked for directions to the Kennedy Compound.

Joanne: Take the harbor cruise from Hyannis. You can see it so much better.

Joanne: People still come to the Cape because even though it has grown and changed over the years, it’s still a simple place with simple pleasures. Families can come here and not spend a small fortune. They can come for a day or a weekend, and you can do the most amazing things without having to spend a small fortune.

Janet: In the summer, we all make it a point, no matter how busy we are, to go visit the places we love. We like to play tourist. If you don’t do that, you can’t appreciate what’s around you. And you can’t give advice about what to do if you’re not doing it yourself.

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