Custom work takes time. “I once built one in 45 days, but that was a special order for a boat show,” says Farber. Typically, they will spend three to four months building a custom boat. Larger ones can take upwards of a year.

Customers often get deeply involved, checking in weekly or even daily to monitor each step in the progress. Some take this further than others. One couple rented a nearby condo and performed daily inspections of the project. The wife did most of the varnishing herself.

New this year, Nauset Marine will be offering boat rentals. The need stems from some of their clients. Farber says they haul 1,500 boats a year, and some of the owners are getting along in years or simply don’t use the boat frequently enough to justify the expense of ownership.

From their Nauset Marine East location, a 100-slip, 85-mooring site on upper Pleasant Bay, they will have a variety of boats for rent for the hour, the day, or longer. “It just makes sense for a lot of our customers,” says Farber.

It is this attention to the needs of their customers, and the flexibility of their approach that has allowed the company to thrive for half a century. From the days when they’d fix your lawn mower or tune up your car to the three-quarters of a million dollar custom yachts of today and everything in between, Nauset Marine has thrived because of their culture, based on family values and doing a good day’s work.

Each employee is part of the profit-sharing bonus pool. Many have been with the company for decades. What keeps people coming back are the simple joys of the water.

“Cape Cod is a boater’s paradise,” says Farber. “From gunkholing the marshes to rafting up with friends and escaping the traffic onshore to exploring beaches only accessible by water to heading to Nantucket or the Vineyard for lunch, boating is relaxing and rejuvenating to the soul.”

With all thei company’s growth and success, this is still a family business, says retired president and co-founder Peter Walker. “We’ve had three generations working here, and we’ve got the fourth generation waiting in the wings. It’s been a feel-good ride.” Cape Cod Life

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Rob Conery is a freelance writer and a frequent contributor to Cape Cod Life Publications.

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