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And audiences receive top billing. On one of Tom Jones’ performance days, a string of thunderstorms grounded his flight from New York to Hyannis. “We decided to put Mr. Jones in a limo heading north,” explains Longo. “But three hours later, it still hadn’t gotten out of New York!” Not giving up, the Melody Tent chartered a nine-seater Cape Air plane to meet the limo in New Haven, squeezed Jones and his considerable luggage aboard, and, in Hyannis, provided a police escort to the theatre. “The audience had been waiting for one and a half hours,” says Longo, “but from the dressing room, Mr. Jones could hear the entire crowd singing ‘Delilah.’ He slipped into his tux in five minutes flat and went out and did a slam-dunk show!”

In an era of state-of-the-art but impersonal venues, stories like these keep summer-touring artists returning to the little tent by the sea. A fan entry on Tony Bennett’s Facebook page puts it simply: “Now that’s a place to see a show!”



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