The Days Family The cottages were built in 1931, but the foundation for the business was laid nearly 20 years prior when Days purchased a strip of land along either side of what is now Shore Road in Truro. The desolate road was mostly packed-down dirt and beach sand, prompting locals to label the purchase “Days’ Folly.”

The spot remained dormant until the Depression hit when Days, who owned a construction company, saw an opportunity to put people back to work. Providing all the materials, he hired workers to build five cottages.

“He saw the chance to give employment to people, and I guess he had the money to do it,” said his grandson Joe. “I’m sure he never imagined what it would become.”

As the original cottages were being built, Days discovered that none were actually on his property. So he bought that land, and enough additional land to add four more cottages. Across the street he built two more structures, with one building serving as a rental office, seasonal grocery store and summer residence for his family. He continued purchasing land and the following year tacked on 13 cottages, bringing his “folly” to a count of 22. His 23rd and final cottage was added in the late 1930s. The Days Family

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