South Beach Street Chic

Terry Pommett  Last summer, Sara Campbell opened a shop on Nantucket. Like many of the island’s visitors, the proprietor of Sara Campbell LTD was looking for a way to get away from things every once in a while. “Opening a store on Nantucket was sort of a way for me to legitimize my spending time over there,” jokes the Boston resident. And on an island that prides itself on original boutiques, her designs have found an eager audience at the island shop’s South Beach Street location.

A native of La Jolla, California, Campbell says she has always been drawn to vintage fashions from the 1950s. She earned a degree in design from the University of California Davis, and then made a leap over to Cambridge, Massachusetts to study art education at Lesley University in the 1980s. While working on an artist’s profile project at Lesley, Campbell landed at the feet of the late Corita Kent, an artist and activist icon from the 1960s and 70s. Kent’s 150-foot Rainbow Swash painted on the National Grid gas tank in Boston is an unmistakable landmark to commuters who travel daily on the Southeast Expressway. “Corita became my teacher, my mentor, my mother, and my best friend,” Campbell says. “I can still remember the shopping list of groceries I was entrusted to buy for her every week.”

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