Terry Pommett In addition to Wheeler, whom Campbell considers a huge and very positive influence on her own design work, Campbell’s team includes longtime co-designers Kay Thread and Amanda Bartlett as well as head pattern maker Maria Rosa Oggianno. The use of color remains a central part of the design process at Sara Campbell LTD. “Being from California, I have a fascination about climates and how to inject color into New England sensibility,” Campbell says.

Campbell’s design styles appeal to women with tastes for clean looks with an emphasis on feminine details as well as vintage-inspired clothing with modern twists. Many of the designs incorporate elements outside the mainstream—chartreuse green, large amounts of small bows, and exceptionally detailed trims. Ninety-nine percent of the fabric Campbell uses is imported. May 2011

The designer’s clothing transcends age. “Our fashion is about women who are ageless in spirit,” she says. “I know that sounds trite. But a 22-year-old or a 65-year-old can wear one of our tunics with crocheted pom-poms on it. It’s not about age. It’s about attitude.”

When it comes to the range of goods offered in her shop, there’s something here for everyone. Summer dresses start at around $100, and the fall collection at $250. Instead of high-end jewelry, Campbell carries quality costume jewelry that ranges from $12 to $350, including vintage treasures, and scarves that range from $25 to $350 Pashminas and silks. In the fall, Campbell’s specialties are coats made of imported fabrics with elaborate details.

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