Bartlett, 39, grew up listening to his mother’s ghost stories and watching television shows on the paranormal. He began researching paranormal activity in 2000 after taking a photograph that he could not explain. Bartlett had attempted to photograph a woman sitting on a bed. But the flash failed, and when he got home and developed the film, he noticed a blurry image of the woman and what resembled a streak of lightning in front of her. There was no light source in the vicinity.

He founded CAIPRS the following year. A former Marine, he says that while ghost hunting a black cloud of energy has followed him home, and he claims to have been punched, choked, and pushed to the ground by invisible forces. He started leading tours in 2005. He conducts nightly haunted, history walking tours, and ghost hunting tours from April to mid-November in Barnstable Village. His ghost hunting tours are held on Monday and Friday nights. He also has themed tours that include a walking history tour sponsored by the Barnstable Historical Society and a private, 90-minute “Love You to Death Haunted Tour.”

His Haunted and History Walking Tour meets at the U.S. Coast Guard Heritage Museum/Old Jail on Route 6A in Barnstable Village, and the one-mile walk stops at eight destinations in two spine-chilling hours. Bartlett encounters many skeptics, who steadfastly insist they don’t believe in ghosts. “And then they have this sudden reaction when they’re actually scared,” he says. “I see them getting closer to their loved ones, especially when I turn off the lights in the Old Jail.”

A Haunting in Barnstable
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Rob Duca is a freelance writer living in Plymouth.

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