He Was the Cape’s Most Eligible Bachelor

Most people go about their days without being approached by perfect strangers who ask them probing questions about their personal lives. But for Chris Lambton of Dennis, the runner-up on last year’s season of ABC’s hit reality dating show The Bachelorette, this kind of occurrence has become normal. Whether out at a restaurant with family and friends or in his front yard on Cape Cod, people walk right up to this reality star and start engaging him in conversation. “You’re Chris L.!” they exclaim as they rush toward him. “Are you heartbroken? Are you okay? Have you found love?” they ask, as though speaking to a close friend. While Chris didn’t win the show or the heart of Ali Fedotowsky, viewers fell hard for this handsome, down-to-earth Cape Codder.

After his stint in the TV world, Lambton is doing well. He embraces the good life with his friends and family back on the Cape, having famously turned down an offer from ABC to be the next star of the show The Bachelor, opting instead to return home. Lambton now believes in finding real love off-camera (which he did, but more on that later). “There’s a reason why [reality TV relationships] don’t really work out that much, because you’re in these perfect situations,” he says. “How can you not fall in love with somebody when you’re walking a beach at sunset on a tropical island, holding hands and sipping piña coladas? It’s not like, ‘Hey, did you pay the electric bill this month?’—‘No, did you?’ It’s just not real.” Stacey Hedman

Lambton was born at Cape Cod Hospital and grew up in Dennis, attending the Ezra H. Baker Elementary School, Wixon Middle School, and Dennis Yarmouth Regional High School. He went on to study chemistry and math at Providence College.

He was teaching math, coaching basketball, and working as head dean of discipline at a high school in New York City a few years ago when he got news that his mom, Marjorie was diagnosed with multiple system atrophy (MSA). He returned home to the Cape right away to help care for her.

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Lindsay Oliver is a freelance writer for Cape Cod Life Publications.

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