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Check out the Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail for a picturesque hike along a 1.25-mile Cape Cod National Seashore trail and boardwalk, where you’ll see white cedar, high bush blueberry, and other interesting flora, much of which is identified with trailside markers. This mostly shaded loop is great on a hot day.

The Marconi Wireless Station Site, located just across the parking area from the swamp trailhead, is  where the Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi broadcast the world’s first wireless communication—between President Theodore Roosevelt and England’s King Edward VII—via a complex of 210-foot cable towers. It was also here that news of the Titanic disaster first reached these shores. In addition to a history lesson, you’ll get a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Beach It!

Vintage Postcard Marconi Beach, a breathtaking part of the Cape Cod National Seashore, is known for its dramatic sand cliffs and open-ocean views. But for a quieter spot, try Gull Pond, also located within the National Seashore. This natural kettle hole pond has a sandy bottom beach, a swimming float, and sailboat, kayak, and paddle boat rentals. 

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Beach and Dunes at Cahoon’s Hollow, Wellfleet

Beach and Dunes at Cahoon's Hollow, Wellfleet