Fabulous Foliage & Flower Power C.L. Fornari

When Cape Cod residents first plant their landscapes, many choose evergreen trees and shrubs believing that having foliage all year round is of prime importance. At some point, however, the realization sets in that their yard is a sea of green. Evergreens may have beautiful all-seasons foliage, but these monochromatic trees and shrubs don’t satisfy most humans’ innate desire for color.

C.L. Fornari Imagine a tapestry of bright, diverse foliage and a continual display of flowers throughout the growing season from March through December. Fortunately, there are many plants that can be mixed in with existing evergreens that provide an eye-catching range of hues and textures. New varieties of plants with colorful leaves and long periods of bloom are being introduced by growers and nurseries yearly, giving homeowners more reliable, interesting choices than ever before. 

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