C.L. Fornari

In addition to using shrubs with leaves of different hues and some long-flowering Hydrangea for near continuous visual punch, the addition of perennials, grasses, and annuals to your design enhances the textural diversity of any landscape. The wider the selection, the more color you’ll enjoy.

C.L. Fornari Perennial Heuchera, commonly called “Coral Bells,” are available in an array of flower and leaf colors. From dark purple to caramel or bright green and yellow, there are dozens of interesting Heuchera that can add brilliance to the landscape. Heuchera foliage often changes from month to month as temperatures rise and fall, so with this plant alone it’s possible to have a kaleidoscope of color as the seasons change.

Other perennials with brilliant yellow foliage include Sedum “Angelina,” a ground cover for full sun, and Hakon grass (Hakonachloa macra) varieties such as “Aureola” and “All Gold.” Hakon grass also makes a good ground cover in part- sun or part-shade. It’s a perfect low-growing, colorful grass to place in front of foundation plantings or perennial borders.

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