C.L. Fornari Eupatorium “Chocolate” and Actaea “Brunette” are two taller perennials that have dark purple foliage. Eupatorium grows to about three feet high and does best in full sun, and the spires of the fragrant Actaea flowers reach five feet tall and thrive in the shade. Both of these perennials bloom in late August and September.

One of the longest flowering perennials for sunny spots is Russian Sage (Perovskia atriplicifolia), which produces a wild cloud of lavender blossoms from July until hard frost. Russian Sage isn’t for those who like their plants trimmed and tidy, but many find that it is the perfect plant to group near ornamental grasses. The fountain of pale purple flowers has a wind-swept, beachy quality that is perfect for Cape Cod.

C.L. Fornari

Shrubs and perennials are a necessary part of any garden, but for sheer flower power nothing beats annuals (annuals are plants that only live for one season). Those desiring a more colorful landscape should be sure to save spaces to tuck in annuals every summer. Impatiens and “New Guinea” Impatiens in a rainbow of colors are the ever-blooming gold standard for part-shade or part-sun.

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