Don’t forget the eyes and lips

Arcona's Eye Dew & Skin Ceutical's Antioxidant Lip Repair Our eye area has a shortage of oil glands, making them particularly vulnerable to dryness. Keep eyes dewy and taut with Arcona’s Eye Dew (, which acts as a filler for fine lines. For dehydrated and chapped lips, try SkinCeutical’s Antioxidant Lip Repair ( This magic potion hydrates and lightly exfoliates, leaving you with the perfect pucker.

Bronze isn’t bad

None of us wants to look like an over-tanned Hollywood has-been, but to add a sun-kissed look when the sun is on hiatus, add a dab of bronzer to your moisturizer. Find a brand that is more brown than orange for just a hint of natural radiance.

Stop smoking—or better yet, don’t start

According to, smoking narrows blood vessels on the outermost layers of skin and depletes the skin of oxygen and nutrients, and the pursed lips and squinted eyes that accompany smoking cigarettes can create wrinkles.’


Stress can trigger breakouts and a host of other skin problems, so take a deep breath and make time for things that you enjoy.

All oils are not created equal

Grapes What to do about our skin from the neck down? The most effective body moisturizer is oil, but body oils must be light enough for the skin to absorb—otherwise, heavy oils just sit on the surface and fool us into thinking we’re moisturized. Look for grapeseedjojoba, or sesame oil, and apply immediately following a bath or shower while your skin is still moist.


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Alison Evans

Alison Supple Evans is a licensed esthetician and skincare expert, who focuses on products and treatments free from harmful ingredients. In 2004, she opened a day spa and apothecary, Supple Integrative Skincare in Berkeley, California, which stocks effective skincare remedies from around the world. Supple Cape Cod is slated to open this summer in Orleans.

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