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Scan the footnotes of Theodore Roosevelt’s life story and you’ll find the name Joseph Bucklin Bishop more than once. Bishop was a Roosevelt booster in the editorial pages of New York newspapers, a controversial appointee during the construction of the Panama Canal, the first of many biographers of the 26th president, and editor of the 1920 best-seller Theodore Roosevelt’s Letters to His Children.

He was also a confidant of Roosevelt through 22 years that saw his ascent from New York police commissioner to two-term president, earning a legacy as one of the most charismatic personalities in American politics. Cape Cod Life spoke with Mashpee’s Chip Bishop about his book The Lion and the Journalist (Lyons Press), the mind-set that united his great granduncle—a Massachusetts farmer’s son—with Roosevelt—a well-to-do New Yorker—and Joseph’s getaways in Falmouth Heights.

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