201205may_006 Weir Fishing Rules

Through May 20

Cape Cod Maritime Museum
135 South Street, Hyannis

Shannon Eldredge, daughter of Ernie and Shareen, recalls helping her parents fish, even as a small child.  “It lives in me,” says Shannon, who often goes out to the weirs to this day. “I love being on the water.”  Shannon oversees the exhibit at the Cape Cod Maritime Museum, which features a variety of model weirs, from one that you can get in and walk around, to a coffee-tabled sized replica that demonstrates the intricacy of weir construction. Old photos, impressionistic paintings by Eugene C. Fitsch, and modern photos taken by Davis help provide the visuals. A photo dated from 1952 shows giant bluefin tuna being hauled from the weirs; decades before bluefin became a prized sushi export, fishermen called them “horse mackerel” and sold them on the cheap, often for use in cat food. 

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