Kidding Around

A Guide to Children’s Activities This Summer on the Cape & Islands

For many children, once that final bell rings and closes out another school year, it’s time to power down the brain and focus on soaking up every drop of fun before the morning alarm goes off in September. Fortunately, many organizations on Cape Cod have found ways to bridge the gap between learning and fun. The following institutions have curricula that combine all things that make those golden weeks between June and September so wonderful—digging in the dirt, playing outdoors, exploring the beach—with a few character-building lessons thrown in for good measure.

Kidding Around

KidSummer at Cape Cod Museum of Natural History

Kidding Around

Cape Cod’s diverse natural scenery leaves plenty of room for adventures at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History’s KidSummer Program. The museum—situated on 400 acres of marshes, beaches, streams, and gardens—combines exploration and education through programs like Mammal Mania, Buggin’ Blast, and Archaeology 101. Educators’ approaches vary by age group, allowing kids to dig, wade, hike, or paint their way to a better understanding of their connection with the natural world. KidSummer programs run from Monday through Friday June 25 through August 17. Sessions are available in five-day packages with prices varying based on membership status. For more information, visit or call 508-896-3867.

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