One in a Million One in a Million

On June 28, the Oyster Company celebrated a major milestone. Almost seven years after opening on August 5, 2005, the Dennisport restaurant planned to serve its one-millionth oyster. And with local gastronomic history in the making, I wanted to be a witness.

When Amanda McCole, Cape Cod Life’s art director, and I arrived at the Oyster Company on Depot Street, it was packed. Almost every seat was full and there were people waiting for a table to have their chance at ordering the one-millionth oyster. But as luck would have it, we happened upon two front-row seats at the raw bar to watch history in the making.

One in a Million

Just as we took our seats, owner Greg Burns put six oysters on a plate, including the one-millionth—a heart-shaped bivalve harvested from his own Quivet Neck oyster beds in Dennis. Greg and his wife Jean served this special oyster to Lisa Alexander of Dennisport and Willington, Connecticut. Along with the one-millionth oyster, she was also presented with a beautiful pearl necklace as a keepsake reminder of this historic day at the Oyster Company. Once the oyster was served, Greg changed the tally on the chalkboard behind the raw bar to 1,000,000.

One in a Million

As elated as Alexander was, even those who came up short celebrated the milestone, laughing and enjoying the special night with Greg, Jean, and their customers. We tried some of Greg’s Quivet Neck oysters culled from the post-millionth selection. Greg explained the process of harvesting oysters and we made friends with some Oyster Company regulars amidst the jubilant atmosphere. I hope we can be there with them to celebrate two million oysters served, but if not, I’ll just head down early another day: before 6:30 p.m., oysters are only 99 cents.

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