Provincetown Population Swells

Provincetown Population Swells

On any given summer day, Provincetown’s year-round population of 3,000 swells to more than 10 times the size. During the Carnival Parade on the third Thursday in August, it’s as much as 30 times that number, according to Char Priolo, concierge at the Provincetown Chamber of Commerce—and Commercial Street is undoubtedly where you’ll find the center of the crowd. Formerly known as Front Street because the rowboats in the harbor faced residents’ front doors, this three-mile stretch is home to some of the most eclectic mom-and-pop shops, restaurants, and galleries found anywhere.

And while the rest of Cape Cod tends to go to bed early, Commercial Street remains ripe past midnight, with a thriving LGBT community and host of sun-soaked tourists keeping things moving until the wee hours. It is the perfect place to meander amongst the foot traffic when the sun goes down.


Hillary Wenzel is a frequent contributor to Cape Cod Life

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