The Bramble Inn

Nestled between a few large oak trees and surrounded by Black-Eyed Susan flowers, The Bramble Inn offers a quiet haven on a Cape Cod summer evening. I was seated in the Lily Room, one of the four small dining rooms that take up the lower floor of the inn. A chandelier sparkled in the dimming sunlight and fine china decorated each table, bringing me back to a time when dinner was savored slowly and the distractions of modern technology were nonexistent.

Cape Cod Dining Guide

The Bramble Inn was originally a pair of buildings constructed in 1861, which were later combined to create the current structure. Other than this renovation, the Bramble Inn has retained all of its historical charm, including the slightly weathered floorboards and steep staircase. The second floor of the inn offers four guest bedrooms, each decorated with a special theme.

I started my meal with the soup of the day: Chilled Gazpacho ($9). Served in a martini glass, it was a refreshing complement to the warm summer air. My guest chose the Sea Treasures ($15), mostly because of its curious name, and he was delighted with his choice. Served on a long plate, this appetizer featured small samplings of a Tuna Sambal, Salmon Salad, and Ceviche, accompanied with a Seaweed Salad.

Cape Cod Dining Guide

For the main course, my guest chose the Duck Deluxe ($34), which was decadently topped with a slice of foie gras and a port and duck demi-glace. The creamy sweetness of the pureed candied gingered carrots perfectly balanced out the savory orange ginger rub on the duck breast. My Seafood Curry ($38) came served in the shape of a fish: shrimp, lobster, scrod, and a large sea scallop on top of rice formed the body, and a sliced grilled banana fanned out to form the fins. The homemade curry sauce was light, perfectly accenting the seafood without overpowering the other flavors of the dish. The homemade apple and tomato chutney was a perfect accompaniment.

For dessert, we decided to splurge and have the Chocolate Isosceles ($10), a rich flourless torte topped with whipped cream and accompanied with a beautiful chocolate and raspberry drizzle design. The rich cake was surprisingly light, and along with our cups of cappuccino, was a perfect end to the meal.

The bar offers lighter fare during cocktail hour dining, including a three-course meal from the Bramble Bar Bites menu for $29. Simpler choices, like a Caesar Salad, are available as well as more elaborate dishes like the Sea Scallop Duo. The bar offers an extensive martini selection, along with a great choice of wines.

––Fiona O’Connor

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