Modern History

Forgotten furniture and abandoned antiques get a second life at Modern Vintage Design Studio in Sandwich.

No piece of furniture is as alluring or romantic as the vanity table, an artifact from a bygone era. Vanity tables, with elegant drawer pulls, large mirrors, and intricately carved legs, were once a staple in every bedroom, places where women spent hours primping. It’s not hard to imagine that every vanity was once the scene of an interesting personal story.

Modern History

“I feel like the vanities are such personal pieces,” says Kristen Schober, co-owner of Modern Vintage Design Studio (MVDS) in Sandwich, which opened its doors in Merchant’s Square this past May. “Now women are so rushed in the morning, doing their makeup and getting ready, but at one time they sat there for hours. It’s such a feminine experience. I always think to myself when I am working on vanities: who sat here and looked in these mirrors before?”

At MVDS, Schober, 28, and fellow co-owner Cara Crupi-Dulmaine, 31, give vanities and other carefully chosen furniture and home decor items a second chance to be an important part of people’s lives. The studio space and boutique is a collaboration between the two women, who draw inspiration from their surroundings and use items found around Cape Cod for their unique treasures. By creating pieces made of old doors from Nantucket, tin from turn-of-the-century Cape buildings, and washed up driftwood from the beaches among other materials, the duo have fashioned a distinctive balance of luxury and aesthetics.

Modern History

The story of MVDS begins with childhood dreams. Schober, who grew up in Sandwich, was creative as a child. She loved to draw and enjoyed painting with her grandfather, a commercial artist in Chicago. After designing a logo for Trés Chic studio in Sandwich, she developed a friendship with the owner, Teresa Morris, who introduced her to what would not only become her passion, but her future: “The owner taught me how to paint and use power tools, and I fell in love with the work I was doing,” says Schober.  Soon she began working on furniture in her spare time––her creativity and her penchant for old furniture intertwining.

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