Crupi-Dulmaine followed a similar path. She grew up in Sandwich and spent her childhood sewing with her aunt and enjoying other crafts. After college, she worked as a graphic creative director, taking textile and surface design classes on the side. She began designing swatches and shipping the pieces out for fun. After having a child in 2011, she stopped working full time and decided to pursue her own interests.

Modern History

Schober and Crupi-Dulmaine have known each other since childhood. Both women attended Simmons College in Boston. Both simultaneously developed an interest in furniture and fabric, and soon began designing fabric swatches and restoring furniture in Crupi-Dulmaine’s basement. What started out as a hobby quickly grew into a business after the pair started brainstorming ideas.

In September of 2011, the two began to collaborate in earnest. They looked into opening their own store and studio. “We didn’t want to keep doing craft fairs, and we needed work space. It was getting too hard to do all of this at home as the business grew,” Crupi-Dulmaine says.

Modern History
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