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"It is Only With the Heart that One Can See Rightly; What is Essential is Invisible to the Eye"

If you think about it, when we go on vacation, we realize how little we really need on a material level. Time spent needing little on the outside provides opportunity to consider on a more personal level—say, an internal level—how much or how little we really need. Quiet time puts us in touch with ourselves, further enabling us to be in touch with others. What really comes between people is not space and time so much as a lack of space and time to be in touch with ourselves. And when we are strangers to ourselves, we are strangers to others.

However, the need for quiet time is an increasingly precious commodity in our world—of single parents, of those working two jobs while still helping to hold a household together. Is there any other job in the world with as much responsibility as being a mom or a dad that does not come with a paid vacation? “Time alone” seems like an alien idea. Quiet time does not have to be a trip or even a day alone—it is simply the time to chime into our inner selves.

Cuttyhunk at Dawn

How few of us are fortunate enough to have work opportunities where the wonderful world of computers actually feeds our creative spirit? And how many of us find that the time saved by mechanization is just another way to accomplish more work while further separating ourselves from our center core of self? It can be something as simple as arranging flowers on a table at home, or neatly stacking wood for an evening by the fire with the family. It does not have to be something huge, but something of our own, whereby we can become aware of the fact that we are happy at the very instant we feel happy. For whatever short amount of time, we become inwardly aware.

In our marvelous world of instantaneous, universal awareness, sometimes it takes a tragedy of the proportion recently experienced in Newtown, Connecticut, for us to realize that the most and the least we can share with one another is love. This comes from our innermost core and requires that we be in concert with our inner selves.

Cape Cod LIFE is devoted to helping us feel at one with the natural world around us. Only you know the special place or places that help you feel at one with the natural beauty of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and the Elizabeth Islands. We attempt to remind you of the path to your special destination and the importance of going there—physically, mentally, and emotionally. Cape Cod LIFE hopes this will help you stay in touch with your inner self, no matter where you may be. The most fortunate among us share a mutual appreciation of such inspirational places, at times by ourselves and at times accompanied by loved ones. Remember: “The memories we collect and give, brighten our lives as long as we live.”

Wherever you may be, Cape Cod LIFE hopes to remind you of your instinctive, inner connection to the natural beauty of the world that inspires you, and those you love.

My best,


Brian Shortsleeve, President and Publisher

P.S. Just before this issue went to press, we lost Cape Cod LIFE’s longest-time and very devoted employee, Marianna Lynch. Marianna lost her battle with cancer, but her husband, Jim, and her whole family have a treasure trove of loving memories. She worked for Cape Cod LIFE for 23 years, and she and Jim spent as much of that time as they could on their boat and on Nantucket.


Brian Shortsleeve

Brian Shortsleeve is the President and Publisher of Cape Cod Life Publications.

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