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Raymond Tamasi | Gosnold On Cape Cod

Raymond Tamasi
In 2012, Gosnold On Cape Cod celebrated 40 years of providing superlative addiction and mental health services to Cape Cod. In 1972, Gosnold comprised a single detoxification center, but has since expanded to four inpatient programs and seven outpatient clinics across Cape Cod with the ultimate goal of helping all patients and their families lead healthy and happy lives.

The philosophy at Gosnold is to treat addiction as a chronic condition. Social and cultural labels of addiction as a moral issue, or a failure of character, create feelings of shame and guilt in patients, hindering their recovery. “We need to reinforce the fact that addiction is a medical condition—that the individual is not entirely responsible for acquiring it, but does have the responsibility to cooperate with treatment to care for the illness,” says Gosnold’s President and CEO Raymond Tamasi.

The highly regarded staff at Gosnold are aware that addiction affects more than just the patient; therefore, Gosnold offers crucial services for family and friends to help manage their loved one’s condition. Gosnold’s Reaching Out Program offers individual and group support, family coaching, educational programs, and interventions. “It helps to hear the patient and family share experiences when dealing with addiction,” says Tamasi. “There’s a sense of hope that begins to glimmer in these families.”

Tamasi and his team value and utilize the serene setting of Cape Cod when helping to treat patients. In the longer-term residential treatments, patients have the chance to enjoy the beach, the beautiful coastal environment, and perform outdoor activities, helping them restore their mental and physical health.

Life in recovery is a substantial challenge for many patients. Tamasi advocates for early intervention and screening, saying, “Addiction is usually not picked up until the later stages. The sooner you intervene, the more likely the recovery will work.” With the number of services and level of care provided by Gosnold On Cape Cod, treatment and recovery are within reach of anyone coping with the tribulations of addiction—on Cape Cod and far beyond.

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