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Joy George-Bryden | Joe’s Place–True Pilates

Joy George-Bryden is proud to have brought the original teachings of Joseph Pilates to Cape Cod when she opened Joe’s Place – True Pilates in 2000. George-Bryden was first introduced to Pilates in the 1970s while training as a dancer, and she earned her first certification in 1994 under the tutelage of Romana Kryzanowska, Joseph Pilates’s protege. Today George-Bryden, along with her fully trained staff, keep that legacy alive at their Joe’s Place – True Pilates locations in South Dennis and Harwich—the Cape’s only fully-equipped, Authentic PilatesTM studios.

Joe's Place - True Pilates

The goal of Pilates is strengthening what George-Bryden refers to as the “powerhouse,” which includes the abdominals, back muscles, glutes, and thighs—all in support of the spine. The exercises, coupled with breathing techniques, create a mindful workout that develops flexibility and strength, creating long, lean muscles.

George-Bryden notes that some of the common ailments of her clients are neck or back pain, poor posture, and arthritis. She has seen many clients achieve noticeable pain relief after just one or two sessions. Once a routine is established, the many afflictions of aging that distress many members of the Cape community become less arduous.

Teacher qualifications are not taken lightly at Joe’s Place–True Pilates. George-Bryden explains that all teachers at Joe’s are certified by the United States Pilates Association, which requires three levels of workshop training, more than 700 hours of apprenticeship, and rigorous examinations for certification. This high level of expertise is passed along to clients, who work in small groups or one-on-one with teachers.

For George-Bryden, each day is a new opportunity to pass along Joseph Pilates’s legacy of engaging the mind and body to improve the quality of life in her clients: “I am a lucky girl—I get to do what I love and believe in every day, and I am constantly amazed at the results that are achieved through Joe Pilates brilliant method. It’s the real thing. It works!”

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