Milton Oliver | Oliver Intellectual Property, LLC.

When milton oliver of Oliver Intellectual Property, LLC, in Cotuit, and his wife moved to Mashpee four years ago to be closer to family, they found what they were missing in the suburbs of Boston. “We found that when we came to Mashpee, we could find people and activities and good restaurants within a two-to-three-mile radius of our home,” says Oliver. “At the same time, I decided to form my own law office here so I wouldn’t have to spend so much time traveling.”

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Oliver, originally from Illinois, first came east to study physics and political science at Harvard University. After graduating in 1972, he continued his studies out west at Golden Gate University where he received his law degree before beginning his legal career in Boston. Oliver has since brought his legal expertise in patent, copyright, and trademark issues for individuals and businesses on Cape Cod and beyond.

All of Oliver’s specialties are intellectual property protections for products to remain strong and distinct in competitive marketplaces. A federal trademark registration is key to gaining exclusive rights for a product name or service; patent protection allows a product to grow and develop new features that can’t be used by competitors; and content creators, including authors, artists, and musicians, can have their work copyrighted for life and 70 years beyond with Oliver’s help.

When it comes to starting a business on the Cape and Islands, Oliver recommends heeding Henry Kaiser’s maxim to “find a need and fill it.” From boating to dining and entertainment, there exists a wide range of business opportunities on Cape Cod and the Islands. In order to stay ahead of the competition in a tight-knit area, it is a wise idea to secure your business ideas with help from Oliver Intellectual Property, LLC.

John C. Ricotta | John C. Ricotta & Associates, Inc.

For retiring, relocating, or re-inventing your life, Cape Cod provides a gorgeous environment. No matter what your circumstances, an inviting home to start a new chapter in your life is essential. The real estate professionals at John C. Ricotta & Associates in Chatham can make your transition to life on Cape Cod as seamless as possible.

Readers' Resources - A Fresh Start on Cape Cod

John C. Ricotta & Associates is a full-service real estate firm comprised of two divisions: the sales department, dedicated to both commercial and residential purchases and sales, and the rental division, Chatham Rentals, dedicated to vacation rentals throughout the year. “Both departments, and all agents, strive to always uphold an unparalleled level of customer service in every transaction,” says Principal and Owner John Ricotta. “The services we offer, along with the level of service we provide, combine to create a full-service real estate firm.”

Many of Ricotta’s agents had the privilege of growing up on Cape Cod, but an equal number have adopted a saying: “I didn’t grow up here, but I got here as soon as I could.”  Many agents share the same trajectory as their fellow Cape Codders who have relocated to the area at various stages of life, from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, even the Caribbean. “We can’t offer better resources than our own experiences,” says Ricotta.

When Ricotta works with clients living off-Cape, communication is key. “Technology has aided tremendously in the last few years regarding the sharing of information at a much more rapid pace, but all real estate boils down to relationships,” says Ricotta. “In a client/agent relationship, the agent needs to identify and work within the client’s communication style, whether they are off-Cape, or around the corner.”

When the time comes to consider retirement or relocation, the Cape has always been a place where friends and family are more than happy to visit. “Currently, the number of full-time residents over the age of 65 living on the Cape is much higher than the national average and is expected to continue to increase,” says Ricotta. “Another thing that will increase is the number of visits from friends, family, children and grandchildren, when you have a place of your own on Cape Cod.”

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