Our Best and ‘Sacred’ Places

Our annual Best Of issue, when we share our readers’ choices for everything.

Since this is our annual Best Of issue, when we share our readers’ choices for everything from best fried clams to the best rainy day activity on the Cape and Islands, I thought I would share one of the best Letters to the Editor that I have received in 2013.

It’s probably no surprise that getting such letters, either by e-mail or the old-fashioned way in an envelope, is one of my personal bests about this job. When people tell me what they think about our magazines, it always makes my day.

Our Best and Sacred Places

Just this week I heard from a reader who shared his memories of a “creaky” Falmouth cottage, where he has spent many happy summers with his family, including his 82-year-old mother who he says still “is the glue that holds her children and grandchildren beholden to our sacred place on Eel Pond in East Falmouth.”

The e-mail’s writer, Brian Perry, also shared memories of his father’s 1960s trips to the old Ocean Spray “cranberry store” near the Bourne Bridge, where glasses and other Cape Cod collectibles were sold. “My Dad used to get the ‘cranberry glass’ sometimes on his way to Falmouth, on a summer Friday night on his way from a Boston suburb,” says Perry. “The dishes, cups, and special plates were collected and proudly displayed . . . to look at them on a cold winter night brought warm thoughts of when they arrived.”

When I read such e-mails I try to envision the scenes described, wondering what kind of car Brian Perry’s dad was driving and trying to picture his arrival at the Falmouth cottage, his hands full of ruby-colored treasure for his wife and children. Such a simple image really, but so Cape Cod.

For me, Brian Perry’s closing sentiments were the highlight of a long day reading through pages of Best Of winners. “My mother thoroughly enjoys your magazine, especially off season when she talks of summers past, but as much, to plan for ‘next summer’ and what we will do,” Brian wrote, concluding with, “Thank you for the gem you create each month, the pictures, the stories . . . even the title!”

Thank you, Brian Perry! And to all those readers near and far; keep those e-mails and letters coming. On beautiful Cape Cod days when I sometimes wish I was on the beach instead of in the office, your words remind me that I have the best job on Cape Cod.

Happy June,

Susan Dewey

Susan Dewey, Associate Publisher & Editor


Susan Dewey is the associate publisher and editor of Cape Cod LIFE, Cape Cod HOME, and Cape Cod ART. She lives in Centerville on Cape Cod and enjoys gardening, sailing, walking on the beach, gallery hopping, cooking with fresh seafood, and exploring Cape Cod and the Islands from shore to shore.

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