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The diamond engagement ring, perhaps more than anything else, has come to symbolize the eternal bond pledged between a bride and groom on their wedding day. Wrapped in romance, this is an especially personal purchase that should only be guided by someone with the knowledge and expertise of Steve Wardle and the staff at Forest Beach Designer-Goldsmiths in Chatham.

Planning the Perfect Wedding

“There’s a unique look to a diamond engagement ring that gets attention,” says Wardle. “There are people touting sapphires and rubies as alternatives, but the public still chooses diamonds and I think it’s going to stay that way.”

In staying true to New England fashion, the style of rings Wardle sells and creates is often traditional. “It’s the same reason people decide to get married on the Cape. They like coming here for that permanence. It’s a huge factor,” he says. One recent trend he has noticed is the request to create a “halo effect” by surrounding the main stone with a circle of smaller diamonds.

For couples wanting to do something nice for family or members of the wedding party, Wardle has several recommendations. Brides shopping for their bridesmaids should choose affectionate pieces, like matching charm bracelets or pearls, while the mother of the bride might receive a piece of jewelry to match her new dress. In short, Wardle says, “Nothing that’s going to outshine the bride—but something very nice.”

Wardle recommends going local for your jewelry needs. At national chains and retailers in metropolitan areas, customers are not often given the level care and attention they receive at Forest Beach. “I have a lot of customers who are here in the summer and are a little apprehensive of the competitive nature of major cities,” Wardle says. “It’s an interesting thing. There are so many places to shop, but coming to a nice place on the Cape is where it’s at for them.”

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