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There’s nothing more memorable than your wedding day. Beyond the perfect dress, flowers, and setting, many brides (and increasingly grooms) want to have the perfect look too. Drs. Seth Jones and Michael Loffredo of Cape & Islands Plastic Surgery provide a full range of surgical and non-surgical procedures that can help every member of the wedding party look their very best.

Planning the Perfect Wedding

Drs. Loffredo and Jones have completed extensive training, residencies, and fellowships in plastic and cosmetic surgery. After completing their residencies together, the two decided that they loved Cape Cod, and wanted to live here with their families. That’s when they opened their reconstructive and cosmetic surgery practice across the street from Cape Cod Hospital, and after the success of their first office, opened a second location in Plymouth.

According to the doctors, the most popular procedures performed for weddings are injectable treatments. Botox, which is the best known, treats upper facial lines on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes (sometimes called  “crow’s feet”). Another injectable is Juvederm, which treats the lower lines in the face and fills in the cheeks. “Injectables can freshen up your look without being too drastic. They’re also not too expensive, completely safe, and can be done close to your wedding day,” says Jones. “Often brides come in with their mothers or friends and do it as a group. They have fun with it.”

A new trend for wedding preparation is CoolSculpting, which is a non-surgical procedure that freezes fat and naturally eliminates it. The procedure involves no anesthetic or surgery, and can be done in the office in an hour. The doctors note it should be performed several weeks in advance of the wedding to see the best effects. “With CoolSculpting, we can treat specific areas. It can help you look great in a close-fitting bridal gown and feel more confident going down the aisle in front of all your family and friends,” says Jones.

The doctors also offer a full range of surgical procedures, including breast augmentation, arm, brow and face lifts. One thing every bride should consider is the recovery time needed. Some procedures should be performed three to six months in advance, others may only require a few days. “These are things we will discuss in a consultation, because it really depends on the patient’s health, occupation, and lifestyle,” Jones says.

Both doctors are connected with Cape Cod Hospital. “The hospital is an excellent facility and offers reasonable rates for our patients,” notes Jones. Any time a patient undergoes general anesthesia or even small procedures, there are risks specific to the procedure and the patient. Drs. Loffredo and Jones are very conservative in how they operate. “We like to have patients observed in the hospital for a day if it’s a long procedure. The thing we worry about most is patient safety, because in reality, these are elective surgeries. So first, we need to be safe, and as a close second, we want to ensure the best results for our patients,” notes Jones.

Any member of the wedding party is in good hands with Drs. Loffredo and Jones. During a consultation, the doctors take time with each patient to discuss concerns, options, costs, and recovery. “Dr. Loffredo and I work as a team and review our patients with each other,” says Jones. “We always have a detailed pre-operative session to ensure every patient has the best experience and outcome.”

Dr. Jones and Loffredo say they love being a part of Cape Cod. “What’s really wonderful is how many of our Cape Cod patients have become friends. It’s great to be somewhere on the Cape and run into a patient looking terrific. We love that.”


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