Salmon with Mango Sauce

Recipe courtesy of  Carol Williams Catering,


  • 1 ½ pounds salmon fillets
  • 1 ripe mango
  • 1 cup fresh pineapple, cubed
  • 1 tablespoon fresh cilantro leaves, chopped


  1. Preheat grill on high. Cut salmon into four pieces, brush lightly with oil. Grill salmon pieces approximately 5 minutes per side.
  2.  While salmon is cooking, remove flesh from mango. Place in a blender and process until smooth. Add pineapple and process until small chucks. Place mix in a bowl, add cilantro and chill.
  3. Serve warm or chilled salmon. Salmon can also be oven roasted with at 375° for 10-12 minutes.

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